Well, you may be wondering: Whats a Doula? The word “doula” is derived from Greek, meaning “woman caregiver.” In the present day, a Doula is most commonly a labor companion, usually female. The Doula is usually trained to support a mother both emotionally and physically through her birthing process. [Side note: Throughout this post “labor” […]

Hello there, I don’t know about you, but throughout my life I think some of the best memories come from crazy excursions and adventures, the ones that you plan kind of last-minute and you just let happen. To me, those are life’s miracles, because everything usually ends up working out (well, as long as it’s […]

I spent a week at a refugee camp teaching students English and doing different activities with them. My students were wonderful. They were a lot like most 11-13 year olds; they played games on Facebook, made fun of each other, copied-off of each other, laughed, made me laugh, etc. They were great. I think they […]

My flight landed 2 hours late at 7pm and I was really tired.  Hobbling off the airplane I follow the signs to immigration. I am slightly near-sighted and I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I had to get awkwardly close to sign that said “Israeli citizens” before I realized I was in the wrong line […]

I have now taken a sharp turn onto Controversy Boulevard. As I tread this path I remind you again to please keep an open mind. I don’t know everything but I do think a lot of things. I am just sharing my thoughts and observations. If you have learned anything about the Arab-Israeli conflict then […]

The CareShare Foundation ( http://www.caresharefoundation.org ) is a Ghanaian non-profit organization based in Accra. It is where I was interning during my time in Accra (when we weren’t going on trips and touring the country). The organization was kind of falling apart so we helped re-establish it. I worked on re-designing the website as well […]

Crossing the Northern Region from Tamale to Mole National Park was another greatly underdeveloped set of roads, but I don’t know if I would call them that. It took us quite a long time to get there. We just made it barely in time to go on the afternoon safari tour. It was amazing and […]